External aspiration

Mercurio line

Smart, Euromini, Eurobig, Matic 35, Matic 40, Matic 50

Desk vacuum packing machine

Saturno line

Pocket, Junior, Midy, Basic, Mixer, Mixer Plus, Mixer Duo, Mixer XXL, Clean 33, Clean 43

Vacuum packing machine with plexiglass lid on wheels

Urano line

Mixer/L, Master 2, Astral, Magnum, Major, Maxi, Super, Hyper

Industrial Sector

Giove line

XL 45, XL 50, XL 60, XL 100, XL 130, XL 80 Double

Sousvide cooker

Vacuum Bags and Complements


Terra line

Seal 300, Seal 400, Seal-Matic 300, Seal-Matic 400, Tray 600, Tray 800, Tester, Gastrovac, EM 320, EM 420

Tester, Gastrovac e Thermosealers

Blast chiller